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AD 2110, the Earth is invaded by aliens. More military bases
and cities are constantly being occupied throughout the world.
To fight the alien threat, the World Alliance bring forth their
ultimate weapon, the Lightning Fighter. Equipped with weapons
such as the Lock-on Laser, Spread Shot, missiles and bombs,
the Lightning Fighter is the Earth’s only shot at defeating the
invaders. Only a person of immense wisdom and courage will
be able to pilot the craft to victory - have you got what it takes?

★Smart controls: the game will automatically switch between tilt and touch controls, depending on whether you’re touching the screen.

★3 different weapons: Lock-on Laser, Spread Shot, and missiles. Each weapon also has the ability to perform unique super-charged attacks.

★3 difficulty levels, each with an individual leaderboard.

★7 challenging levels spanning from the Earth to outer space.

★Bosses with rich attack patterns and transformations.

★Game Center support for comparing scores with people throughout the world.
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Lightning Fighter x Francesca
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